All sports, no clutter!
The ultimate social media platform dedicated to sports.

Stunt™ is the only mobile and web-based social platform built exclusively for sports fans and personalities to share their opinions, be discovered, and interact with their favorite teams and fellow fans.

Want to get famous, for creating sports content? You can on Stunt™.

Launch a sports radio program, host audio-only debate rooms, stream live video and commentate a game, create short videos with your hottest take, and share in conversations with other fans while interacting with athletes, brands, and celebrities.

We’ve combined all your favorite platforms and cut out everything but sports.

The social media platforms you’re already using are cluttered and filled with non-sports-related content. We’re solving that by giving you the same video, audio, text, and community-based features you already love, but with improved technology specific to sports fans and their needs.

Sign up. Go viral.
Build a following. Monetize your content.

We’ve created a way for sports fans to monetize their content with a premium content subscription model, shared ad revenue, sponsored content, and more! If you’ve ever wanted a career in sports, we’ve built the perfect platform for you.

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