Who Is Drew Pearson

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Drew Pearson’s Best Takes from the STUNT™ Live Draft Show

May 25, 2023

The STUNT™ Live Draft Show hosted by Josh Carney on Thursday, April 28th, brought together NFL legends, football analysts, and fans to discuss team picks and players' futures. One of the celebrity attendees who contributed significantly to the show was Drew Pearson, a former wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys. Pearson's insights on the draft picks and his personal experiences on and off the field provided valuable perspectives for the attendees. In this article, we'll look at Pearson's contributions to the show and his impact on the NFL.

Who Is Drew Pearson?

Drew Pearson is a former American football wide receiver who played for the Dallas Cowboys from 1973 to 1983. During his 11-year career, Pearson won a Super Bowl championship with the Cowboys and was named to three Pro Bowls. He is perhaps best known for his "Hail Mary" catch in a 1975 playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings, which helped propel the Cowboys to victory. Since retiring from football, Drew Pearson has been an analyst and sports commentator, providing insights and commentary on the NFL for various media outlets. He is considered an expert on the game and brings a unique perspective to any conversation about the NFL.

Drew Pearson - Top NFL Draft Takes

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Michael Irvin, a former NFL wide receiver and Pro Football Hall of Famer, shared his thoughts on the draft during the Live Draft Show hosted by STUNT™. He's known for his passionate opinions and expertise in the game, making his takes on the draft a must-read for any football fan.

Mike Silver, a renowned sports journalist, and NFL insider, is another expert to follow for draft analysis. His extensive knowledge of the league and its players makes him a trusted source of news and insights.

Mark Schlereth, a former NFL offensive lineman turned analyst, also has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon in the draft. His insights into the league's inner workings and what teams look for in potential draft picks are invaluable.

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