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How The Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association Is Transforming Sports Social Media

March 27, 2023

Fantasy sports have gained immense popularity recently, with millions of players in the United States and Canada alone. Fantasy sports leagues allow fans to create their teams, draft players, and compete against others based on their team's performance in real-life games and sports social media apps. It has created a need for organizations that can represent the interests of players and companies in the fantasy sports industry. One such organization is the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association (FSGA). But what even is it and what role does it play in the fantasy sports industry? Let’s take a look at how this organization helps transform the way fantasy players and fans engage with their favorite sports and how STUNT™ serves as a catalyst for this change.

What is the FSGA?

The Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association (FSGA) is a national organization representing the interests of companies and individuals associated with the fantasy sports industry. It serves as a voice for more than 60 million fantasy sports players in Canada and the United States and is committed to supporting companies that provide services, news, and information related to the industry.The FSGA plays a significant role in promoting and advancing the fantasy sports industry, which has grown exponentially over the past few years. It’s the only national organization representing the interests of parties associated with the industry, including sports and gaming enthusiasts, small startups, and large media corporations. As such, it provides essential research, data, and networking opportunities to its members, including sports talk apps, and helps them to reach their full potential, playing an important role in driving collective action to support and grow the industry.Through its programs and events, the FSGA offers a unique platform for members to interact, exchange information, and keep up with the latest developments in fantasy sports. The organization is committed to promoting fair play, responsible gaming, and the interests of its members.

The benefits of FSGA membership for sports social media apps

Being a member of the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association (FSGA) can be incredibly beneficial if you’re involved in the fantasy sports industry or use the services of a company associated with this industry. Here are some of the benefits FSGA membership can offer:

Networking opportunities

By joining the FSGA, you'll have access to a community of professionals and enthusiasts who share your passion for fantasy sports. It can be invaluable for building connections, finding job opportunities, and learning from others in the industry.

Industry research

As a member of the FSGA, you'll have access to the latest research and data on the fantasy sports industry. This information can help you stay ahead of trends and make more informed business decisions.

Industry recognition

FSGA membership comes with a certain level of prestige and credibility within the industry. Being a member can help you establish yourself as a serious player in the fantasy sports world.

Advocacy and representation

The FSGA serves as a voice for the fantasy sports industry, representing the interests of players, companies, and enthusiasts. As a member, you can participate in collective action to protect and promote the industry.

Education and training

The FSGA offers a variety of educational resources and training opportunities to help members improve their skills and stay up-to-date on industry developments. From webinars to conferences, there are many ways to enhance your knowledge and expertise as an FSGA member.

The STUNT™ and FSGA partnership

STUNT™, the first major sports social media app designed exclusively for sports fans and content creators, has recently partnered with the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association (FSGA). This partnership will provide unique opportunities for STUNT™ users and members of the FSGA community to interact and keep up with the most recent developments in the fantasy sports industry.

As part of this partnership, STUNT™ was the official title sponsor and member of the organization's 2023 Winter Conference, and will be the official title sponsor of the 2023 Summer Conference. This event provided essential research, data, and networking opportunities for FSGA members and offered a unique platform for STUNT™ users to interact with other fans, athletes, brands, and celebrities.

STUNT™ will also be incorporated into FSGA's programs and events to offer a unique platform for both players and fans to exchange information, interact, and keep up with the latest developments in fantasy sports. With this partnership, STUNT™ will completely transform how fans and fantasy players enjoy their favorite sports and provide a unique experience.

The partnership with FSGA also aligns with STUNT™'s mission to cut out everything but sports to solve the problem of clutter and non-sports-related content common on other social media platforms, with the goal to give users the same video, audio, text, and community-based features they already love but with improved technology specific to sports.


The Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association (FSGA) is a vital organization in fantasy sports, providing a voice for millions of players and supporting companies within the industry. Its focus on research, data, and networking opportunities has helped to drive growth and innovation in the field.The partnership between STUNT™ and FSGA represents an exciting opportunity for both organizations. By incorporating STUNT™ into FSGA's programs and events, the partnership offers a one-of-a-kind platform for fans and players to interact, exchange information, and keep up with the latest developments in fantasy sports.Overall, the STUNT™ and FSGA partnership is a win-win for everyone involved. It’ll provide members with even more resources and opportunities to excel in fantasy sports, and it’ll help drive innovation and growth in the industry. As both organizations continue to evolve, seeing what new opportunities and developments emerge from this partnership will be exciting.

About STUNT™

STUNT™ offers the ultimate sports experience through a sports talk app featuring sports radio programs, debate rooms, and live-streaming with commentary. It also allows users to create short videos with their hottest takes and participate in conversations with other fans, athletes, brands, and celebrities while monetizing their content with a premium subscription model, shared ad revenue, and more.

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